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I like to stay away

Even though I like to stay away from my brother as much as possible, I think that March vacation really isn’t that bad, even if it means I have to see him a little more. I already know that this is going to be an unpopular opinion in this school but I don’t see why it should be. People say that April and February vacation are better because most schools follow this in our state and the march vacation is too long from June and December without a real break, but I don’t agree. Having a combined school vacation week in March, rather than in February and April is more beneficial to both the students and parents of the district and I would much rather have March vacation.
To begin, March vacation lines up with the vacation for most colleges. This is much better because if your family has kids in both highschool and college, then you won’t have to deal with pulling one kid out of school for a whole week if you want to travel as a family. Although it may be busy due to colleges, no other highschool having this vacation allows for a less busy vacation for whatever your family may choose to do. Also, it makes it less stressful for both the kids and adults because they both won’t have to worry about making up any work that they will miss. Additionally, march vacation falls close to the end of the quarter so having all of that make up work and worrying about fixing grades if necessary can make it even more stressful. Compiling work isn’t great either because it makes the kids rush their work to get it done. Rushing to get their assignments completed will result in students not trying their best and not receiving the highest grade they can.
I also believe that February vacation is too close to winter break. The time is long enough that you get used to being back in school. From September to December, we only have a couple three or four day weekends. From January 2nd to mid February to mid April is a very short amount of time when compared to the minimal amount of time off in the beginning of the year. This makes no sense to cram all the vacations into the last semester. However, with March break, the spread out vacations mirror the first semester, making it easier for kids to adjust. Too many breaks causes kids to rely on that, rather than being able to handle the end of the year the way they handle the beginning.
Overall, I’m sure we all enjoyed our march vacation. Despite this making a slight damper in your February and April vacations, March vacation seems to have more benefits than problems. I would much rather have a full week of vacation than 2 half weeks spread out between 3 months anyway. I’ve enjoyed it more than I have my April and February vacations.