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Pet Memorials

Pet Memorials

Given the rich relationships most pet owners share with their animals, the loss of a pet can be very painful. For many, losing a pet means losing a trusted companion. Our animals provide a source of unwavering love, affection, and companionship that simply cannot be replaced. And since the qualities of a pet are hard to match in human form, we know the loss of such a companion can be heartbreaking.

Circle of Life Online offers special pet memorial keepsakes to help honor the memory of your pet - from blankets and urns to memorial markers. If you've lost or know someone who has lost a dog, cat, or special pet, our bereavement gifts are a thoughtful way to keep the happy memories alive.

Each pet remembrance gift is shipped with a personalized gift card if requested.

Our Pet Memorial Products:

We are currently updating our pet memorial line and will be adding new products soon, including custom products with no upcharge for your artwork. For questions, please contact Circle of Life Online today.

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